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  • Sustainable Tourism in Portugal and Spain
    The waves of pent-up travel energy unleashed after the COVID-19 lockdowns eased in 2022 revived questions about sustainable tourism.  Can cities handle the current “massification” of tourism? And what’s left for residents after the tourist swarms leave garbage bins overflowing with single-use plastic bottles and unaffordable housing in their wake? … Read more
  • Bolo Rei (King’s Cake)
    When the holiday season rolls around, the Portuguese bolo-rei cake starts making an appearance, and different variations on the theme pop up throughout Europe as well. (In New Orleans, too, for Mardi Gras.) These “king’s cakes” as they’re called in English are generally spiced, come in a ring shape, and contain … Read more
  • Portuguese Petiscos vs. Spanish Tapas
    If you’re an American who has ever wondered “where is Portugal located on a map” or if Portuguese and Spanish are basically the same language (no, they’re not), you might be surprised to discover that tapas is not a Portuguese dish.  It comes from Spain.  There are only two types … Read more
  • Você, Tu, and You
    You can learn a lot about a country’s people by observing how formal or informal they are with each other in their daily language usage.  As a foreigner in Portugal, I’ve found that if you compare the Portuguese spoken here to the Portuguese spoken in Brazil, you’ll notice that many … Read more
  • Where is Portugal?(?)
    Portugal is in Europe, and the capital of Portugal is Lisbon. (The language spoken in Portugal is Portuguese, and yes, I’m confident you can learn if you want to.) But Americans are notoriously bad at geography. If Portugal is not already on their travel radar, some Americans (read: many) may … Read more

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