From sustainable and ethical clothing brands to environmentally conscious and organic winemaking to ecotourism, Portugal is growing leaps and bounds in the “green” direction.

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  • Peacocks in Portugal
    If you’re ever sitting on a bench in a public park in Portugal, you may find your peaceful reverie interrupted by a shrieking bird call that only be described as something in between the sound of a cat being strangled and your grandpa gargling.  You might be surprised to discover that this excruciating noise comes … Read more
  • Sustainable Tourism in Portugal and Spain
    The waves of pent-up travel energy unleashed after the COVID-19 lockdowns eased in 2022 revived questions about sustainable tourism.  Can cities handle the current “massification” of tourism? And what’s left for residents after the tourist swarms leave garbage bins overflowing with single-use plastic bottles and unaffordable housing in their wake? The sheer quantity of visitors … Read more
  • Organic and Natural Wines in Portugal
    When it comes to Portuguese wine, what’s in a label?  A lot, it turns out. As you may already now, certifications on wine labels everywhere serve as a shorthand for consumers so that they can be confident what’s in the bottle was actually produced in a way that matches what winemakers claims they did – … Read more
  • Sustainably Red in the Alentejo Wine Region
    In Portugal, you can usually be certain that whatever is in a bottle coming from Herdade do Esporão, whether that’s wine, olive oil, or more recently artisanal beer, it will probably be good.  One of the magazine Drinks International‘s “Most Admired Wine Brands” in the world, Esporão (pronounced esh-por-OW) as the brand is more simply … Read more
  • Sustainable and Ethical Clothing Brands in Portugal
    Lisbon As Portuguesas First-ever cork flip-flops, with other sustainable materials as well, now branched into other types of shoes. No stand-alone stores, but the products are sold in the gift shop of the Lisbon Oceanarium, which you should definitely check, whether you have littles or not. Couve [They don’t have a website but … Read more

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