An American in Portugal (AIP) is created by Audrey Latura (audrey@americanportugal.com), an American who relocated to Portugal with her family, and has traveled extensively throughout the country, and Europe, for more than a decade.
AIP aims to provide a deeper look at the gastronomy, social reality, cultural history, and business and investing environment in Portugal than is found on the typical “travel blog” while still being an engaging and useful resource for visitors to, and residents in, Portugal. With several advanced degrees under her belt, Audrey applies her over-education to the service of giving readers a global view of contemporary Portugal and all its possibilities from an American perspective, while keeping an eye on the most important stuff: the fun.
An American in Portugal is dedicated to the memory of Audrey’s late husband, Nuno Monteiro, an (also) American who (also) lived in Portugal. (Though Portugal, fortunately, came first.) His love of grilled fish, Douro reds, lingering dinner parties, the Algarve, Portuguese politics and literature, and all the ways his “little country” outshone expectations lives on here.
June 2009, Chicago. Not a Douro red, but the beginnings of a beautiful romance.
Até sempre, Nuno.
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