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Vale do Minho

What a Little Altitude Can Do – To An Alvarinho: Soalheiro Clássico and Soalheiro Granit

After writing about the differences between Portuguese alvarinho and Spanish albariño white wines, as well as the Vinho Verde DOC in general – Vinho Verde is a wine region in Portugal –  I thought of a follow-up that would make the perfect companion article.  I decided that I would explore one sub-region of the Vinho Verde DOC, and one winemaker in particular, which naturally led me to Monção e Melgaço and Soalheiro. Monção e Melgaço (pronounced mon-SOW ee mel-GAH-soo) is the small, farthest most northern sub-region of the much larger Vinho Verde DOC. (DOC means denominação de origem controlada, or protected designation of origin, basically the appellation.)  This sub-region is named after the historic villages flanking its western and eastern boundaries, Monção and Melgaço, respectively, first settled back in the Middle Ages.  Nestled in the Minho River valley, which separates Portugal from Galicia in northern Spain, the microclimate of Monção…

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