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Peacocks in Portugal

Peacocks in Portugal

If you’re ever sitting on a bench in a public park in Portugal, you may find your peaceful reverie interrupted by a shrieking bird call that only be described as something in between the sound of a cat being strangled and your grandpa gargling.  You might be surprised to discover that this excruciating noise comes from the most majestic of animals: the peacock. Native to India, where it is the national bird and has long been an important part of Hindu mysticism and artistic expression, peacocks in Portugal first appeared during the Age of Exploration, when expeditions brought the impressively feathered birds back home as an exotic novelty.  Peacocks famously wandering the grounds of the Castelo de São Jorge in Lisbon delight tourists, but the birds can be found in public parks of lesser renown throughout Portugal.  In India, where peacocks once made for a rare and delightful sighting, peacock…

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