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  • Finding a Real Estate Agent in Portugal
    In my experience, real estate agents in Portugal are about as helpful (or unhelpful) as they are in the United States.  There’s a lot of variation.  Some agents have a great eye for quality construction, the micro dynamics of a particular neighborhood, and can accurately predict how long a property ... Read more
  • Getting a Mortgage in Portugal
    If you Google “getting a mortgage in Portugal,” you will get a dump of ads from consulting firms and listicles from blogs that are, in my not-so-humble opinion, pretty rosy descriptions of the process of getting a mortgage in Portugal as a foreigner.  Now, I don’t want to rain on ... Read more
  • Portugal Real Estate Watch
    The real estate market in Portugal has been red hot for the last several years, especially in the capital, Lisbon, and in the Algarve.  In fact, Portugal is the Eurozone country where rent and home prices have gone up the most in the last 12 years, a trend that continued ... Read more

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