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  • Online Shopping in Portugal
    Years ago, a friend of mine here once said to me that he didn’t think online shopping was ever going to take off in Portugal.  He seemed to believe that the Portuguese culture and temperament were fundamentally incompatible with the whole enterprise of e-commerce.  Ever the American optimist for whom ... Read more
  • Your Portuguese Hotel Style
    In principle, finding hotels in Portugal is not that complicated.  You start by choosing the location, and then narrow down the options to get the most amenities for your budget.  But what if you did this in reverse? If you start by figuring out what amenities really matter to you ... Read more
  • Sustainable and Ethical Clothing Brands in Portugal
    Lisbon As Portuguesas First-ever cork flip-flops, with other sustainable materials as well, now branched into other types of shoes. No stand-alone stores, but the products are sold in the gift shop of the Lisbon Oceanarium, which you should definitely check, whether you have littles or not. Couve [They ... Read more

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