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Cost of Living in Portugal: Is It Really as Low as People Claim?

A few weeks ago, I got a call from my Portuguese bank asking me if I was interested in a deal for a home security system with a four-year contract guaranteeing a discounted price for monthly service.  Upon reading the fine print, however, it become apparent that the deal was structured such that the bank would loan me the total amount of the four-year contract, and I would pay the bank back with interest.  Um, what? This would also amount to about 22 euros per month more than what I paid in the United States for a similar contract, which I could cancel at any time, unlike the bank’s offer.  My banker – in true, Portuguese customer service fashion, as I have discussed elsewhere – politely suggested that I was an uninformed rube, that I did not understand how Portugal, being a smaller economy, had fewer competitors in an industry…

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